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What is above the fold ?

Above the fold is an area shown on a website that the user sees first whenever they visit a web page before scrolling and clicking anywhere.

How Affiliate Website works ?

Affiliate website promotes affiliate products unlike selling on Amazon, eBay. Affiliate website post links to the merchant site and gets paid a commission according to a particular agreement. Affiliate website works as a promoter of the original website.

What is the value of Alexa Rank ?

Alexa is the global ranking given by Google that utilizes the website traffic data to organize a list of the most popular websites like Google Alexa rank is one means Google is the most popular site. The lower your Alexa rank, the better for your website.

What is Google Algorithm Penalty ?

Google Algorithm Penalty has a negative impact on the website search ranking. It is the sanctioning of the website by one of Google Algorithms penalty which means the website has failed to live up to expectation in Google Search.

What is Alt Text ?

Alt text tag is used to describe an image in the form of text and it is a piece of code which is not seen by the user itself but used by the search engine to determine what the image is all about. Alt-text is also known as Alt tag.

What is Anchor Text ?

Anchor text is a clickable word or a sentence which is a hyperlink which lands you in a different page without writes a URL. The Anchor text mainly put in keywords.

What is API ?

Application Program Interface (API) is a way which allows applications to interact with one another. It is an asset of protocols, routines and tools for building software.

AMP Page in SEO ?

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is an open source software which build pages for static content to ensure the content should be rendered as fast as possible and it is consist of HTML.AMP page is created to load quickly and clearly in mobile that result in more consumption.


Backlink Profile

A Backlink Profile expresses the combined backlinks to a web site, in an abstract method. People would say I actually have this extremely robust link in my backlink profile, while not specifying that link, and why it had been seen as robust. Your website position in the search, its authority, and therefore the general site quality is especially plagued by the website backlink profile. To rearrange rankings, search engines use links that in turn act as votes and support for an internet site.


Backlinks are links from outside domains that time to pages on your domain; linking back from their domain to yours. To a bigger degree, your backlink profile is created of backlinks from external sites that contribute to the general strength, connection and variety of your domain’s backlink profile. Backlinks are important for Search Engines and users. From a user’s perspective, backlinksgive some way for people to search out different sources of data on similar or connect topics.

Bad Neighborhoods

Websites will be concerned with questionable bad Neighborhood. This refers to all or any websites that are severely downgraded by search engines.

Below the fold

The term below the fold refers to the portion of a webpage that a user should scroll to check. A Put off from newspaper publication, the term ‘below the fold’ was coined once there was an actual physical fold in the middle of the page. Above the fold was something on the top half and below the fold. was anything beneath.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO may be a follow against search engine tips, customized get a site ranking higher in search results. These unethical techniques do not solve for the searcher and sometimes finish in a very penalty from search engines. Black hat techniques embrace keyword stuffing, cloaking, and mistreatment personal link networks.


A blog is a web journal or data website displaying information in the reverse written record order, with the latest posts showing first. It is a platform where an author or perhaps a group of writers share their views on an individual subject. .

Blogger outreach

Simply place once a corporation offers SEO blogger outreach service, they are simply reaching bent on established bloggers and websites and asking to publish an article that talks concerning their product or service with a number of relevant keywords linking back to their website.


What is Canonical URL ?

AA canonical URL is a friendly URL that you want the search engines to treat as authoritative. Canonical URL were also used to describe the Homepage. A canonical URL tells the master copy of a page.

What is Captcha ?

Captcha code is a security feature that website use to separate genuine users from bots. In simple words Captcha feature differentiates a human and a machine to prevent spam.

What is Content Management System ?

Captcha code is a security feature that website use to separate genuine users from bots. In simple words Captcha feature differentiates a human and a machine to prevent spam.Content Management System is an application that creates and modify of digital content and it supports multiple users. CMS is typically stored in a database.

What is Competitor Research ?

Captcha code is a security feature that website use to separate genuine users from bots. In simple words Captcha feature differentiates a human and a machine to prevent spam. In SEO, competitor research means look at your online competitor and SEO efforts they have been made to rank on search engine. It is the collection of review, strategies for finding what your competitors are doing.competitor research


What is Dead link ?

When a hyperlink inside a webpage doesn’t work or open is called Dead link. There are many reasons for not opening the link like the page is not available on the internet anymore. Dead link are also known as broken link.

What is Deeplink ?

A deeplink is a hypertext link that link to a page rather than its home page URL.

What is Direct Traffic ?

Direct traffic means that visitors are coming on your website through typing the address of your site on the browser rather than typing a keyword.


What is External Link ?

External Link is hyperlink that shows to a domain other than the domain of your website. In simple words external links is a link that points to a page on a different website.

What is External Anchor Text ?

External anchor text is a hyperlink text which is clickable link which will bring you to different websites in one click.

What is Everflux ?

Everflux is the consistent change of website in the google search result page. This happen because of the constant crawling and ranking website across the web.


What is Florida Update ?

In Florida Update, that Google is no more targeting any niche or a particular signals.

What is Forum Spam ?

Forum spam is a method which is followed across the web where the user post on internet forums that inside related unrelated advertisement like abusive or unwanted information. Forum spam are very susceptible to receiving the large amount of spam.


What is Google Ads ?

Google AdWords was released on 23 October by Google. It is an online platform in which the advertiser pays for the advertisement. It allows the user to reach and advertise their product and service to the user who is interested in the product, here advertiser can display his advertisement with the help of Google AdWords .

What is Google Algorithm ?

Google Algorithm is a set of rules of an algorithm like Panda, Penguin algorithm that Google have created to determine how they should rank the websites in search results.

What is Google Analytic ?

Google analytic is a web analytic offered by Google which gives reports of website traffic, bounce rate, social networking sites to better understand your customer and your website. Google analytic, require a piece of code to be to set up analytic so that it can take track every activity on the website.

What is Google Bot ?

Google bot is a program where Google crawls every web page of the site to see what’s on them. Google bot are the Google crawlers or robots. These bots also visit the hyperlink between the content.

What is Google Webmaster Tool ?

Google Webmaster Tool is a free service which helps to determine the status of your website and maintain the performance of you site in search result pages. Google webmaster tool is a conduit of information for your website and help in recovering your issue that needed to be fixed.


What is Heading tags ?

Heading tags is the HTML tags which is mainly refers to the size of the text on a webpage. HTML has six different types of heading h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. Each heading tag is important in SEO.The H1 tag is considered the most important target keyword.

What is Homepage ?

The Homepage is the main page of the website. Homepage is also considered the most powerful page among all the pages of the website in regards of keywords and visitors start coming on homepage first and later on the other pages of the website. Homepage is also known as landing page of the site.

What is Hummingbird Update ?

The Hummingbird update is one of the most important updates of Google Algorithm which was released in 2013. Hummingbird update focuses on the natural language queries and meaning over individual keyword. It also looks deeper in content on individual page of the website HTTPS The HTTPS( Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure )is an extension which is used over a computer network for secure communication and it is widely used on the internet. I.

What is Impressions ?

Impressions refers in SEO is a number of times an advertisement has shown or a web page is viewed once by a visitor.

What is Indexing ?

By SEO point of view Indexing is the database used by the search engine. It is the process of downloading data from the web pages and store it into search engine database so, Indexing is important for the website.

What is Inner Page ?

Inner page can be any page of the website except the home page.

What is Informational Searches ?

Informational Searches is the queries that covers a broad topic. When someone enters an informational searches in search engine it is considered as informational searches.


What is Keyword Density ?

Keyword Density is the percentage of time should a particular keywords repeat on a website in comparison of all other words. Keywords density consider the optimum keyword density to be between 1 to 3 percentage.

What is Keyword Research ?

Keyword research is the practised method of identifying keywords that will be used in SEO campaign. Google keyword planner is the most valuable SEO research tool to use Keyword research.

What is Keyword Stuffing ?

Keyword stuff is the search engine technique in which many seo keywords into a page and it actually used to be fairly successful until the search engine wise up..

What is Knowledge Graph ?

Knowledge Graph is the process in which Google collects data every from user to understand how people search and what they want. In simple words Knowledge Graph is about understanding consumer behavior so that Google can offer their services more efficiently and accurately.


What is Long Tail Keywords ?

Long tail keyword is referred when the user use a sentence or more words to finding something on the search engine. Long tail keywords have a significantly less volume of searches.

What is Load Speed ?

Load speed is the time that takes a web page fully to load by the user.

What is Link spamming ?

A link building strategy which is used by spammers to create external links for their website in order to increase backlink. Comment spam, blog spam, link spammer are the common link spamming technique of link spamming.

What is Link spamming ?

A link building strategy which is used by spammers to create external links for their website in order to increase backlink. Comment spam, blog spam, link spammer are the common link spamming technique of link spamming.

What is Link Juice ?

Link juice describes the value of backlink to a webpage. It plays a vital role in ranking factor. Link juice is the value given to another website when both websites together successfully.


What is Meta Keywords ?

Meta Keywords are the tags that appear in the HTML code which tells search engine what the topic is all about. Meta keywords is a piece of code where keywords inserted.

What is Meta Description ?

The Meta Description is the HTML attribute which gives a brief summary of a web page .It is an extension to the title tag and important piece of content so the user will quickly decide whether the content provides information they are looking for.

What is Meta Data ?

Meta data is the keyword and phrase that explain the content of the page in short description. Metadata is the brief summary of website information in the form of Keywords and meta tags.

What is MOZ ?

Moz is a software company who sells inbound marketing software subscription on the Internet providing web services.


What is No Follow link ?

No Follow link are the links with no follow relation like rel=”nofollow”HTML tag applied to them and it tells to search engine crawlers to ignore the link because the no follow link do not crawled by Search Engine and don’t impact its ranking.

What is Navigational Searches ?

When the user uses a particular term on the search engine with the purpose of reaching a pre-planned destination or a web page is called anavigational search.


What is On site Optimisation ?

On site optimisation No Follow link is the process of adjusting your site elements like metadata, images, loading speed of the web pages, website structure, content quality and quantity and so on in better the SEO of the website and make it SEO friendly.

What is Off Page Optimisation ?

Off Page Optimisation describes the activities done on other website for creating backlinks for our sites. Link building for the website to improve the ranking. It includes creating backlinks to your web pages from the authority site. Off Page Optimisation is the long-term and daily activities process.

What is Organic Ranking ?

Organic Ranking is the ranking in the search engines which have not been paid by the website owner. The result displayed on the pages by the search engine are real.

What is Outbound Link ?

Outbound links is the link which directs on to another website or domain. Outbound links send the visitor to different site and these are also known as external link.


What is Page Authority ?

Page Authority is the rank metric designed by MOZ which tells how a page is doing on the Google search results and it is ranked on a scale of 0-100 higher score means greater ability to rank.

What is Pay Per Click ?

PPC(Pay Per Click) is the paid advertising bidding model which is used to traffic to websites. In PPC the advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. The Pay Per Click is also known as Cost-Per-Click. It is the best way of buying visitors on your website.

What is Plug Ins ?

Plug Ins is a piece of software code that allows the application to do something. PlugIns are installed to provide a certain additional function.

What is Pigeon Update ?

Google Pigeon Update was launched on 24 July 2014. It is a new algorithm of Google which focuses on more relevant and accurate local search. It is a local search update based on the user’s local search which aim to increase the ranking of local listing in a search.


What is Query Search ?

Google Query Search is the word or phrase type by the user into a search box in order to get a list of results on pages.

What is Quality Update ?

Quality update is the update of quality and valuable content on your website so that user can experience good in your website.


What is Reciprocal Linking ?

Reciprocal link is the link of two websites are linked to each other websites.

What is RankBrain Alogorithm ?

Rank Brain is the artificial intelligence by Google in conjunction with the Hummingbird algorithm which helps Google to process search results give more accurate information for users. It is the machine using aspect of RankBrain.

What is Redirect ?

Redirect is a code which is automatically displayed to the user and send the visitor on another page. Redirect are 301 and 302 redirect.

What is Rich Snippets ?

Rich Snippet is the data markup where site operator can add their existing HTML, which allows search engine to understand what information is on web pages.

What is RSS Feed ?

RSS feed is an online feed which gather all information from different sources into one place. These feeds allow users to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator.


What is Search Engine Optimisation ?

SEO is the process of getting traffic on website from organic search on search engines and increase the quality and quantity of the website.

What is Schema.org ?

The Schema.org is the combination of Google, Bing and Yahoo and Microsoft in which a markup language is organised.It create , promote and maintain schemas for structured data on the web pages.

What is Social Bookmarking ?

Social bookmarking is one of the best activities of link building. It is a platform where we can share pieces of content and links from a website to a social media platform.


What is Traffic ?

Traffic is the people who visit your website. Traffic measures the number of visits on your website.

What is Title tags ?

Title tag is HTML tag which is used to define the content on a webpage And it is displayed on SERP. Every page require a title tag. The title tag should be SEO-friendly.

What is Transactional Keywords ?

Transactional Keywords are the keywords which are the search keywords with purpose of buying anything like diamond ring and grocery items.

What is Trust Flow ?

Trust flow is a prediction in numbers how effective and influential a URL of a website that are linked to a particular website is. The website is scored from 0 to 100 based on their backlink.


What is URL ?

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is termed a web address that specifies its web page location on a network.

What is User/ Visitor ?

A user is a person who uses internet and visiting websites.

What is User Flow ?

User flow is a method in which the visitor is neviate and path on your website. Website Designer analyse the flow of users to visit a website and design the website so the flow of user to stay in the website.


What is Voice Search ?

Voice search is the search on Google through voice rather than typing. It allows the user to search on Google through voice command.

What is WordPress ?

A WordPress is very popular Content Management Systems for bloggers which aim is to give relevant information to their users about their services and business.

What is White Hat SEO ?

A website who follows the rules and regulations of search engine norms. White SEO focuses on real and long-term results and growth. The White hat SEOfollows the order to manipulate the search result ranking.


What is XML Sitemap ?

Sitemap is an XML file which allows webmaster to include information about each URL of the website.


What is Zero- Result SERP ?

Zero- Result SERP main aim is to remove organic results that were relevant to queries of dates and time.

What Is SEO And What Does It Stand For?

Web optimization or Search Engine Optimization is one technique for directing people to your site by expanding your situation inside the natural (free) postings on a web index. Via arriving on this page you have presumably effectively acknowledged there are a great many SEO organizations and administrations publicizing internet asserting they can get your site employ up the rankings. The fact of the matter is there is no mystery recipe. We have worked in the SEO field for very nearly 18 years and have had numerous triumphs, and our prosperity depends on a certain something, giving the web indexes what they need, and above all giving the site guests motivation to like, visit and remain on a site. Our own organization of sites comprises of a wide range of specialties, and we presently own sites that position for significant watchwords inside the UK monetary area. Our SEO strategy depends on a pyramid framework. The pyramid has four levels holding your site up. Those four levels are content (how acceptable the substance is on your webpage), watchwords (how well you have explored your clients), linkbuilding (what we represent considerable authority in) and social cooperation (site commitment, traffic and social signs). Each site proprietor out there needs more traffic, so they can build deals and procure more. In any case, the traffic quality should be sufficiently strong to need to make a buy or get the telephone and call you. Along these lines, investigating your catchphrases is fundamental to beginning any battle. When the examination is done you can fabricate your site considering SEO, and afterward at last go out and construct some backlinks to your website from different website admins. In the event that you haven't looked at our Marketplace yet, we approach more than 5,000 sites who are eager to connect straightforwardly to you. We select our visitor blog destinations dependent on solid measurements and how well they are acting in the web indexes themselves. On the off chance that you are uncertain which web journals would suit your site and would help you pick up better rankings, we have different DFY joins bundles (accomplished for you) where we do all the exploration for you, make the substance and get those connection positions to ideally rank you number 1 for your ideal catchphrases.

What Does A SEO Company Do?

A site improvement organization will help you pick up better rankings in the web crawlers and may offer all or a portion of the cycle referenced already in our pyramid. We emphatically accept that 90% or a greater amount of SEO is down to acceptable backlinks, and this is the administration we offer most to our customers. On the off chance that your site is satisfactory, you have done your examination completely; with our backlink organization you will make certain to kick some ass in the serps.

Are SEO Companies Worth The Money?

We won't lie, SEO is tedious, SEO can be baffling under the most favorable circumstances, and with the web crawlers continually refreshing and contenders attempting take your situations by doing their own website improvement it very well may be a minefield of moving parts. Having said that the advantages of good SEO far exceed the disadvantages and in the event that you can rank your site naturally for your ideal catchphrases, and have your site changing over productively you are set to expand your business hugely. Like most business specialties the SEO world is brimming with tricks, bogus cases and guarantees and organizations set to scam you. Be wary in the event that you pick an organization that guarantees any outcomes or offers enormous expressions. Make sure to consistently look at audits and get your work done.

Does SEO Still Work In 2021?

Hell yes! Website design enhancement and third party referencing for SEO are as yet viable nowadays you simply need to work more diligently and more brilliant. As referenced before your beginning stage is consistently strong watchword research. On the off chance that you get that right, get your third party referencing right and remain safe your SEO will work in 2019 and past. There are some potential issues you may run into with current SEO that you should know about. Internet searcher Penalties: Some web crawlers punish site proprietors in the event that they are discovered to do strategies that are outside of the rules set by the web index organization. This incorporates catchphrase stuffing (adding a recurrent watchword on numerous occasions on a page), and obscure backlink strategies like public blog organizations. Over-streamlining Penalties: If you have such a large number of backlinks to your site and they all state 'blue widget's' it doesn't look normal. The web indexes will punish you for this and you should consider utilizing a punishment expulsion administration. Flimsy/Poor Content Penalties: If the nature of your site's substance is poor or you need more quality substance to be viewed as an expert in your specialty, the odds are even with exceptionally solid backlinks you won't rank well. You might need to investigate our substance administrations for expertly composed substance age from our group of local UK and USA scholars.

The amount Does SEO Cost Per Month?

The expense of SEO is dependant on what a site improvement organization is accomplishing for you and furthermore how serious your specialty is. On the off chance that it's essentially an on-page SEO arrangement and a modest quantity of nearby SEO for a term like 'Repointing Specialist Sussex' you may just need a limited quantity of SEO for one month to get some strong rankings. On the off chance that it's more serious terms you are after you may have to consider some solid visitor post effort or specialty alter joins from effectively settled websites. Without realizing your plan of action, your catchphrases and your specialty it is inconceivable for us to put a cost on site improvement work for you. On the off chance that you have investigated our Marketplace and none of our bundles suit what you need or you are uncertain what you select, you ought to connect with us to talk about your choices.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From SEO?

The time it takes to get results from your SEO endeavors will again rely upon the opposition level of your specialty and how forceful you are with your backlinking. Backlinks are the essential piece of positioning any site and with our backlink administration an average site in the UK can begin to see some strong outcomes with 30 days.

By what means Can RankWarrior Help Me With SEO?

RankWarrior spends significant time in 'off page' SEO. This implies we center around backlinks. Backlinks are one of the greatest positioning variables to Google, and without joins your site will never be found. We have amassed one of the universes greatest backlink information bases to have available to you. These destinations all need to connection to you and give your site a 'vote' of certainty. We have backlinks accessible in many specialties, and our costs are exceptionally serious.



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